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I tant Garnatxa Blanca

I Tant Garnacha Blanca

From vineyards around 25 years old, Grenache in Terra Alta is expressed in its maximum authenticity, fresh, elegant without losing its wild condition of the Mediterranean.

I Tant - Garnatxa Blanca

White Grenache 100% & DO Terra Alta 100% if anyone feels like discovering Terra Alta’s flagship grape, this is the wine. Garnatxa Blanca is extremelly well adapted to Terra Alta’s “terroir”, that combination of climate and soils. I Tant Garnaxa Blanca’s aim is to be an open door to all winelovers in search a White Grenache pleasures.

COLOUR: A combination of light straw yellow with green hues in a low ensity wine. Shiny and neat like a glimpse of sunlight shows a non-oxidative winemaking.

NOSE: Aromas embody all the features of Terra Alta’s White Grenache, intense, fruity and mineral. In it you can smell white fruit such as melon, along with a touch of peach and apricot. A nose which is as seductive as genuine.

PALATE: In the mouth the wine comes mellow and thrilling, fruit flavours are back and the wine’s great balance lies both in White Grenache smoothness and salty mineral flavours granted by the vineyard’s soil. A 100% pleasure wine waiting for all kinds of winelovers.

I Tant Garnatxa Blanca

I tant Garnatxa Rosé

I Tant Garnatxa Rosado

A whole landscape of fruitiness, vivacity, freshness and acidity fill your palate when tasting Grenache rosé wines.

I Tant - Garnatxa Rosé

Everyone, anytime… this is the concept that lies beyond this wine. Suggestive, attractive and nice on the palate are the other ideas in which this grenache rosé wine is based. A direct wine made with DO Terra Alta’s grenache refusing high complexities while offering lots of pleasure.

COLOUR: Cherry coloured with light bodied density, pale pink hues and very neat. It’s light colour is due to a very short skin contact maceration so as to extract only phenolic elements and no tannins.

NOSE: It’s just different, forget about strawberry candied rosés. Aromas come from “terroir”: mineral notes are a reminiscence of calcareous soils, spicies such as pepper and a hint of that red fruit so characteristic of Grenache.

PALATE: Lightness is this wine’s palate, fresh and refreshing, a wine for all audiences. Along with such vivacity ,red fruit adds some complexity to the wine together with a creaminess that helps to balance acidity. In the end a salty flavour brings a memory of the calacareous soils in which vines are grown.

I Tant Garnacha Blanca

I tant Garnatxa Tinta

I Tant Garnacha Tinta

Fruity, fleshy and ripe wine. This is the tru red Grenache from Montsant.

I Tant - Garnatxa Tinta

This wine clearly shows what a typical grenache wine is in DO Montsant’s limestone soils. Vineyards lay in the South of Montsant, which ensures appropriate sunlight for a proper ripening.

COLOUR: Garnet intense with medium-high density, shows violet hues at the rim, a palette of colors which tell you about the wine’s youth and liveliness.

BOUQUET: Intense red fruit flavors, typical of grenache. Such fruit goes along with balsamic notes which make a very gourmand bouquet. It finishes with anise scents which lead you to fennel, a common plant in Mediterranean woods.

PALATE: Intense red fruit flavors, typical of grenache. Such fruit goes along with balsamic notes which make a very gourmand bouquet. It finishes with anise scents which lead you to fennel, a common plant in Mediterranean woods.

I Tant Garnacha Tinta

Que Sí! Garnatxa & Carignan

Que Sí! Garnatxa & Carignan

Most of the Grenache and Carignan come from old vines making complex, balanced and full bodied wines with plenty ripe fruit and mineral flavors. You can taste “licorella” in them.

Que Sí! Garnatxa Samsó

Showing to all audiences Priorat’s potential and uniqueness is this wine’s goal. To do so required using only Grenache and Carignan, the two more genuine and traditional grape varieties in Priorat.

EWine making has also been very respectful with primary aromas and flavours, to protect Priorat’s spirit. Wine aging has been short and gentle to smooth tannins and give finesse without losing any of Grenache and Carignan personality.

COLOUR: Purplish red, very dense and almost opaque due to a high degree of phenolics which claims for a very long life ahead for this wine.

BOUQUET: Flowery aromas of Mediterranean plants such as fennel and rosemary come first. After a slight swirl of the wine glass Carignan’s and Grenache characteristic black and red fruit appear. Notes of spices, red pepper and a scent of nutmeg rise from the wine’s oak aging.

PALATE: The wine has a smooth, fresh and supple entry. It is creamy and full on the palate. Tannins are strong but gentle which shows a good ripening and winemaking. It finishes balsamic and mineral with a very long and pleasant ending.

Que Sí! Garnacha Cariñena